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This video shows you how excessive calculus and bacterial deposits are removed from beneath the gumline to stop the spread of periodontitis.

Key Points

Dental Cleaning Service in Oro Valley

Without regular dental cleanings, harmful bacteria and hard deposits called calculus build up on your teeth above and below your gums, releasing harmful toxins that can lead to gingivitis, or inflamed and bleeding gums.

Dental Care in Oro Valley

If these symptoms are not treated, they may lead to periodontitis and bone loss

Calculus Buildup Removal in Oro Valley

This buildup occurs in areas that cannot be reached by brushing, flossing, or even regular dental cleaning.

Scaling and Root Planing in Oro Valley

Your doctor may recommend a procedure called scaling and root planing to remove these deposits from your teeth. Scaling and planing is usually performed with an ultrasonic cleaner, which uses high-frequency vibration to separate the calculus from the tooth

Advanced Periodontal Treatment in Oro Valley

This procedure is for advanced periodontal cases and may require multiple appointments to complete.

Deposit Removal at SmileMore Dental

Removing the deposits can halt the spread of periodontitis. In some cases, this may bring your gums back to health. Your doctor can determine the best next steps in your treatment.

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