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Tooth extractions, or simple extractions, are a standard service our dentists offer at SmileMore Dental in Oro Valley, Arizona. Patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity, discomfort, or even pain may have severely decayed, infected, or damaged teeth. At SmileMore Dental, our main goal is protecting and preserving smiles. However, we know situations arise where a tooth extraction in Tucson may be the best decision for your smile, oral, and even overall health.

We often recommend dental extractions for patients with gum disease or who have teeth that are severely decayed, infected, damaged, impacted, or overcrowded.

Many patients, however, don’t experience symptoms that require a tooth extraction until the issue has advanced to a very critical stage. Scheduling routine visits with our dentists can help to reduce your risk for gum disease, as well as tooth decay, infection, and even damage.Contact us at 520-531-8207 or Schedule an Appointment.

This video shows you how a tooth is removed with minimal instrumentation and without surgery.

Key Points

When a tooth has become so extensively decayed or damaged that it cannot be saved, your dentist may recommend extracting it.

In a simple extraction, your tooth is removed without surgery. Your doctor applies slight pressure with a specially designed instrument to gently and gradually ease the tooth from the socket.

Once the tooth has been removed, your doctor will clean the area so the healing process can begin. While you are healing, your doctor can fit you with a temporary tooth.

When the area has sufficiently healed, your doctor will discuss treatment options to permanently replace the extracted tooth.

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