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This video shows you how traditional braces can incrementally align the teeth and jaw into proper position to improve the function and appearance of your smile.

Key Points

bridge versus an implant

When correcting misaligned teeth or bite issues, your doctor may recommend orthodontic treatment, commonly known as braces. This treatment creates a more attractive smile and can alleviate certain issues resulting from a misaligned bite. Orthodontics can be used as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a comprehensive plan placing teeth in an optimal position prior to additional restorative procedures.

Orthodontic treatment involves strategically attaching metal or ceramic brackets to the misaligned teeth, connecting them with a special wire that is incrementally adjusted to place the teeth and jaw in correct alignment.

The procedure begins with your doctor polishing your teeth, and applying a conditioning liquid that allows the brackets to firmly bond to them. Once prepared your teeth are dried.

An adhesive primer is applied to your teeth and the brackets are placed. Your doctor will adjust their position, and may use a curing light to harden the cement.

The brackets are joined by a wire, which is secured with elastic bands. You will typically feel some tightness and soreness once placement is complete; this is normal and goes away after a couple of days.

During regular follow up appointments your braces will be adjusted to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. The amount of time for treatment varies with each patient depending on the extent of tooth movement needed to attain proper alignment.

Once treatment is completed, your teeth will be in optimal alignment and your smile improved.

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